Laura suggested the final Gratituesday of 2008 should be How God was Great in 2008. I love this idea, so much that I already blogged about it a few weeks ago.

As I reflect on 2008 I can clearly see a larger picture unfolding. I know that sometimes, when you are in the middle of a trial or difficult circumstance it is hard to see beyond your situation. Just one year ago I was sitting in a 3 bedroom house, with a husband who was so drugged he couldn’t work, kids that had just been uprooted for the third time in a year, my grandfather was living out his final days in the hospital, and all my close friends lived somewhere else.

Now I look across the street at my old house, and I am alone because my husband is at work and I didn’t drive him there. My kids are surrounded by good friends, it is a joy to see their faces light up when we walk into church on Sundays. My grandfather passed away in January of this year, but I am rejoicing that he is now with Jesus and no longer suffering. I have made many good friends here in Maryland and am thankful to be surrounded by such wise women!

Looking back on our struggles over the past two years I am tempted to wonder, why me? But I will not. These last few years have taught me more about myself and helped me to grow in ways I couldn’t have imagined. I am thankful for my trials not because they made me strong, but because they made me weak. I realize now that the Lord doesn’t need strong vessels, he uses the weak ones. It is only through Him that I can be strong. How thankful I am that I am weak on my own! It really takes the pressure off of me! If I had to do everything on my own I would be a miserable failure, unable to cope with the storms that come my way.

If my strength lies in Him, then all I need is faith. Faith to persevere through the hard times, be joyful in all things, and give thanks to Him for everything.

Looking upward in 2009…


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  1. I did not remember that post explaining about your husband’s recovery but apparently I read it because I commented on it! It gives me goose bumps to hear how the Lord has been working in your family this past year. God is Good indeed! Happy New Year Toni!

    • TheHappyHousewife says:

      I haven’t published a detailed account. I plan to work on it this week and update my about me page before I leave for vacation.

  2. We should always be thankful! Happy New Year!

  3. I stumbled here from your TAT link on The Lazy Organizer, and can I just say, whoa! How have I not been here reading the whole time? I adore what I’ve seen so far, and I love your perspective. We’re in a similar place (my DH was injured in a work accident, not military, but similar long term therapy/treatment concerns), and it’s fabulous to see others who are led and motivated by faith and gratitude.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  4. Amen, Toni!

  5. What a great post. How great to look at all you’ve been through in the past two years and be able to see how God brought you through it all. I’m so glad you shared this. It’s such an encouragement.

  6. I have been looking back on the past couple of years thinking the same exact thing…and I was going to post about it tomorrow. I have been struggling with some things too and God has been so good…His plan is so much bigger and far greater than any human mind can conceive.

    Best to you in 2009.

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