Organizing Kitchen Towels

I have mentioned a few times I’m a closet paper towel user, but that doesn’t mean I’m not trying to change my ways. I have a drawer full of hand towels just waiting to be used, washed, used, washed, used, washed… you get the idea.

The problem is I have a drawer full of towels, so full it won’t close. The kids get frustrated when putting away laundry so they put the towels in other places around the kitchen, and eventually I can’t find any towels.

Then last week I remembered an idea my mom had for too full drawers.

Roll the towels.

I can fit almost twice as many rolled towels in the drawer as I can folded towels. I’ve been using the method for a few days now and I love my organized drawer! It almost makes me want to give up paper towels… almost.

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Theraflu WheresFlu Tracker

We are a pretty healthy family. My kids don’t get sick very often (except seasonal allergies) but when they do, they go down hard. This past week everyone in the house was sick with colds/ ear infections except me. I had kids at the doctor’s office four times and I was afraid to touch anything in the waiting room because everyone around me looked sicker than my children!

I’m glad my family has not been struck by the flu, minus the terrible winter of 2007. I think this is mainly due to a healthy diet, flu prevention at home, and our dislike of public places. I’m kidding about the last one, but in 2009, when the swine flu was rampant in our area we did avoid many public places and stayed healthy all winter.

Since I have chosen not to give my children the flu shot, I was excited to learn about Theraflu, WheresFlu tracker. This handy free app for Android, BlackBerry, and iTunes follows sickness incidence levels from week to week and keeps track of the current top 5 affected cities in the nation. The WheresFlu™ app will find your current location and provide you with results for that area. Or you can enter your ZIP code to get information for that area.

Wheresflu™ categorizes incidences of illness as follows: Low (0-5% population affected); Moderate (5-10% population affected); High (10-15% population affected); Very High (>15% population affected).

Thankfully our area is rated low, but I won’t be visiting Fort Smith, AR, Erie, PA, or Fort Wayne, IN, anytime soon. Those are the top three cities currently affected by the flu. If you are traveling soon, this is a great app to pinpoint cities to avoid! Or at least get a mask and some rubber gloves before you touch anything while visiting!

If you haven’t been able to avoid the flu this season you definitely want to download the WheresFlu tracker. The app has a $2.00 off coupon good for any Theraflu product. Just follow the directions on the app and the coupon will be emailed to you.

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bumGenius Cloth Diaper Giveaway: Bloggy Birthday

Cloth diapers are one of my new favorite things. I started using cloth after Cora was born and I LOVE them. I never thought I would write that I love cloth diapering, but I do. It has saved our family money on diapers, keeps those disposables out of the landfill, and they are totally adorable! They are especially cute on little girls in the summer under their dresses.

I just added this diaper to Cora’s collection and it is so green! Love it!

I have three brand new BumGenius 4.0 diapers to give to one reader, but here’s the deal. This giveaway is open to email and RSS subscribers only. If you are a subscriber you will see a link at the bottom of this email or feed that will take you to the entry form. If you aren’t a subscriber, you can subscribe to and when you receive your email or feed (in the next 12-24 hours) you will see the giveaway link at the bottom of each post. Clicking on any of the giveaway arrows will enter you in the BumGenius giveaway.

This giveaway is open until Tuesday, February 1, 2011. Every email from now until then will have a link to the entry form, but you can only enter once.

I’m closing comments on this post so no one mistakenly enters by leaving a comment. Remember this giveaway is open to subscribers only, and anyone can subscribe and receive FREE daily updates from

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Simplify Picture Hanging

Let’s get one thing straight, I am NOT a decorator. My house is a mix of early playmobil, vintage yard sale, and dumpster finds. I like it this way because when things break, I don’t care, well I do a little, but not enough to cry or anything.

easy way to hang photos

My favorite “things” in my home are the black and white pictures of my family. I love these photos and I love how they take up a large amount of wall space. A large picture would have cost a fortune, but thanks to some IKEA frames and cheap prints my black and white collection was pretty inexpensive.

One thing I don’t like about grouping pictures is that they are always crooked. I even mentioned it in a post last year because it bothered me so much!

See what I mean?

I actually got some great tips from readers on how to keep them straight. Sticky tack, rubber pads, and velcro were all suggested but I decided to take a more permanent approach in our new house.

I hung narrow shelves from IKEA then placed the pictures on the shelves. Since I know how to hang a level shelf, this project was so simple! I love the shelves because I can rearrange the photos without putting more holes in the wall.

I plan on painting the shelves once I paint the walls, but I just can’t decide on a color for the walls. I’m torn between yellow and blue. Any suggestions?

UPDATE – I finally picked a color for the walls and painted it as well as painted the shelves.  See the finished project here.

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