Simplify Picture Hanging

Let’s get one thing straight, I am NOT a decorator. My house is a mix of early playmobil, vintage yard sale, and dumpster finds. I like it this way because when things break, I don’t care, well I do a little, but not enough to cry or anything.

easy way to hang photos

My favorite “things” in my home are the black and white pictures of my family. I love these photos and I love how they take up a large amount of wall space. A large picture would have cost a fortune, but thanks to some IKEA frames and cheap prints my black and white collection was pretty inexpensive.

One thing I don’t like about grouping pictures is that they are always crooked. I even mentioned it in a post last year because it bothered me so much!

See what I mean?

I actually got some great tips from readers on how to keep them straight. Sticky tack, rubber pads, and velcro were all suggested but I decided to take a more permanent approach in our new house.

I hung narrow shelves from IKEA then placed the pictures on the shelves. Since I know how to hang a level shelf, this project was so simple! I love the shelves because I can rearrange the photos without putting more holes in the wall.

I plan on painting the shelves once I paint the walls, but I just can’t decide on a color for the walls. I’m torn between yellow and blue. Any suggestions?

UPDATE – I finally picked a color for the walls and painted it as well as painted the shelves.  See the finished project here.

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Motivated Mom’s: My Gift to You

Time for another gift! I LOVE my Motivated Mom’s planner and I want to give one to you! To be entered to win a Motivated Mom’s planner leave me a comment and let me know what chore you LOVE to do.

For me, I love to vacuum. Sounds crazy… but it is almost therapeutic!

So if you want to win my FAVORITE planner, tell me what chore you love and you are entered!

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OxiClean: Let’s Talk Stains, Shall We?

Let’s face it, when you have kids you have stained clothes, it might be your clothes or their clothes, but they are going to get stains! Last week we were on vacation and I forgot to pack my trusty stain stick that I usually take on trips. When we returned to my mother-in-law’s house, I had clothes with stains that had been set in for days. We’re talking strawberries, taco sauce, macaroni and cheese, and other UFO’s (unidentifiable filthy objects).

Up until last year I was a Spray nWash Dual Action Power stain remover snob. I LOVED that stuff because it got stains out and worked great. A few months ago I noticed that it wasn’t on the shelves anymore. Then I noticed that Spray n Wash had partnered with Resolve (I think) and had just the basic stain remover. I was a little disappointed, but didn’t want to try all of the stain removers again to find the best one.

When I started the laundry at my mother-in-law’s, I noticed she had the OxiClean stain remover spray. I have to admit I didn’t have much faith in my in-laws choice of stain remover. I mean they are in their sixties, what do they know about stains? They are super neat, never spill food on themselves, or wipe sticky fingers on their pants! I sprayed all the stains, but I was a little sad, thinking that some of our clothes were probably ruined.

To my huge surprise the OxiClean stain remover got out every single stain! I could hardly believe it when I pulled the clothes from the washer. Even clothes that had been sitting for seven days with the stain came out totally clean. I felt like I was in a commercial when I pulled the clothes out of the washer because all the stains were gone!

So, my tip… try OxiClean Laundry Stain Remover. You can print a $0.75 off coupon on the OxiClean website, which of course I did, because I didn’t think it would be right to take my mother-in-law’s bottle home with me.

Disclosure: I am not affiliated with OxiClean in any way. If they would like to hire me to sing their praises, I’m available! :)

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Kid’s Artwork Solutions

Do you feel guilty when you throw away your children’s drawings? With seven kids, my house is always overflowing with drawings, paintings, and sculptures.  Here are a few simple solutions to keep artwork from taking over your home.

Frame It

We frame some of our children’s favorite artwork. These paintings and drawings add colorful decorations to our walls and the kids love seeing their artwork on display. I buy inexpensive frames at IKEA to keep the cost down.

Take a Picture of It

Take photos of your child’s artwork before you dispose of it. You can combine your photos into a photo collage or make a photo book from the photos of the artwork. One photo album takes up less space than stacks of paintings.

Use it for Wrapping Paper

Small gifts can be wrapped in artwork, especially if your children draw or paint on butcher paper. Friends and family will enjoy getting their gifts wrapped in one-of-a-kind paper.

Mod Podge Furniture

Use mod podge to cover a piece of furniture with your kid’s favorite drawings. An inexpensive coffee table or dresser can be turned into a conversation piece by using it to display artwork.

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