Itch to Pitch ~ My Little Sister

No, I am not pitching my little sister, and no, even as a child I never wanted to pitch her! She and I are five years apart in age, which seemed to be just enough of an age gap to keep us from fighting much as children. That being said, I was the neat kid and she was the not so neat kid, but we have a brother and he was the super messy kid, so her mess never seemed that bad growing up.

My sister as graciously offered to share pictures of her junk this week, since I am still in the unpacking stage of things. Below are before and after pictures of her guest room/ office. One thing I noticed when uploading her pictures was the enormous amount of paper clutter in the office. I struggle with paper clutter as well, it seems to multiply if you don’t take care of it immediately. Do you have any suggestions for dealing with paper clutter?




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BlogHer 09

I have arrived in Chicago for the BlogHer 09 conference. I am very excited to meet new friends, visit old friends and learn more about blogging in general. I plan on sharing what I learn over the next couple of days, so if you are interested in starting a blog or want to create a better blog check back soon.


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Itch to Pitch ~ Overwhelmed

We have officially moved into our new house and I must say I am overwhelmed at the amount of stuff. Even though I have been faithfully pitching for over  a month, I cannot believe how much junk was behind furniture, under beds, and left behind once all the big items were moved out of the house.

I would encourage you, while you are pitching and organizing, to look behind furniture, under the bed, and any other place clutter might be hiding. You might find the missing piece to a puzzle or game you were going to pitch. While you are there, vacuum, dust and clean those hard to reach places.

I don’t have pictures this week, not because I didn’t take them, but because I have no idea where my camera cord is located! Yesterday I spent almost 12 hours priming the walls in the old house (with the help of friends) and the job is almost finished. We hand over the keys to the old house tomorrow and then things should be back to normal, I hope!

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Itch to Pitch ~ Clutter is Costly

Thank you to everyone who is faithfully plugging along each week with this challenge. I don’t have any pictures to share with you this week since I have been out of town. I decided that since I don’t have pictures I would just talk a little bit about why I think it is important to keep a clean and clutter free home.

Before I start I want to say that I do not think that having a clean home makes you a better person. I do think having a clean home makes you a more organized person and can save you money and time. I know that for me, when the clutter gets out of control it takes me longer to do everything because I am constantly searching for the tools needed to complete the project. And if I can’t find what I am looking for, I end up buying what I need.

If my pantry is a wreck, I tend to buy things at the store that I already have (and maybe not on sale) because I couldn’t find the missing ingredient. Then, when I clean out my pantry and find 5 bags of powdered sugar I realize that if my pantry had been organized I wouldn’t have purchase powdered sugar when I didn’t need it.

The same concept works for every area of your home. If things in your home are not organized and you are probably buying things you already have and don’t need.

Living a clutter free life will also save you time. If you have to search for your keys every time you leave the house, you are wasting time. For me it is my purse. My bag is always filled with stuff I really should just toss or file. When I want to find something in my purse I end up searching for several minutes before I can find it! Pitching the excess stuff in my purse would only take me a few minutes every week, but yet I continue to let it build up and complicate my life.

I once read that when a piece of paper comes into your home, if you don’t take care of it immediately (file, trash, take action etc…) you will touch that piece of paper 40 more times before you actually take care of it! Ugh! Let’s stop that habit and get organized! Let’s get our homes organized so we can save time and money the second half of this year.

I know with my upcoming move and all the packing I have come across numerous items that I should have pitched long ago, but have been hanging on to, for no reason. I have a busy week ahead, (we officially move on Saturday) and I am sure a lot of pitching. Look for lots of pictures next Monday!

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I also started an Itch to Pitch thread in my discussion forum. Feel free to ask questions, share your favorite organizing sites, or tell me why you love clutter, lol!


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