Paint: Small Cost/ Big Results!

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When we moved into our last house I decided it was time to give our boring base housing walls a makeover. I (with the help of some friends and my mother-in-law) painted every single room but the kitchen and bathrooms. I loved living in a house full of color. I spent about $200 on paint and the difference was amazing! My house went from blah to wow in a few hours and the only change I made was a coat of paint.

Paint is a great way to transform a bedroom, redo a piece of furniture, or even paint old picture frames (I have done this with great results in the past). My friend Jen even painted the island in her kitchen a beautiful turquoise color and gave her kitchen a whole new look!

Now that I am preparing to move into a different house I am getting ready to paint again. My son’s (soon to be) room is currently pink, so I will be painting at least one room before our furniture arrives. I was excited to learn that Glidden now offers a few things that are going to make painting a whole lot easier this time around.

I love the room painter feature on the Glidden website. This online tool helps match colors and allows you to find the best choices for your style. You can even share your choices on Facebook and get the opinion of your best friend who lives a thousand miles away.

Glidden has also created top 10 color palettes, with choices like Feels like Home, Just Baked, and Growing Up you’re sure to narrow down your choices, especially if you have no idea where to begin.

Glidden also has extra large paint chips so you can get a better idea of how a certain color will look in your room.


If an extra large paint chip isn’t enough, you can now get these little Glidden testers. I LOVE these little bottles of paint because you don’t have to spend $20 on a gallon of paint only to find that you don’t love the color. I also love that the brush is built right into the cap- kind of like a jar of rubber cement! Finally if you decide to use that color paint you can use the tiny bottle for touch-ups. If you have a houseful of boys or a daughter who has a love of sharpies you are going to need to do some touch up painting.

I am convinced that a mother invented this little jar because she was tired of dirty walls and dragging out a gallon of paint and a paint brush every few weeks!

I honestly believe that painting a room or a piece of furniture is the best decorating tip. In my basement I have an old cabinet that I bought for $30 at a flea market years ago. I love this cabinet. It is old, but with a coat of paint this cabinet has become the topic of conversation for many people who visit my home.

Remember those old window frames my friend and I rescued from the trash? All it took was a coat of paint and now I have something to hang over my fireplace!

I have some furniture that is due for a makeover and I hope to get started on the redo’s after we’re settled in our new home. I use to be afraid to paint furniture, but after falling in love with great and inexpensive yard sale pieces that got a new look with a coat of paint I’m convinced!

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5 Simple Ways to Be On Time (with kids)

People who know me, know I don’t like to be late! A long time ago someone told me that if you are late you value your own time more than the other person’s. That really stuck with me and I have made an effort to be on time ever since.

When you have kids it is much harder to be on time, because you have lots of other people who can mess up the process. Someone once said having kids is like herding cats and I agree. Here are 5 simple ways to increase the chances you are on time, even if you have a houseful of kids.

5 Simple Ways to Be On Time with Kids | The Happy Housewife

Lay out clothes, lunches, shoes, socks, and bags the night before.

I am amazed at how much longer it takes a child to get dressed when I don’t do this. In our house if we don’t lay out shoes and socks my kids can’t seem to find any before we leave. We end up racing around the house over turning couches and chairs looking for that lost shoe. On a side note, since we are still carrying a diaper bag for Cora the bag is usually packed and hanging on a hook ready to go all the time. When we need to leave we add a sippy cup or bottle and head out the door.

Give yourself a 15 minute buffer.

Something is always going to come up that will delay you leaving the house. It might be a messy diaper, argument, or phone call but it will be something. Giving yourself a little extra time helps plan for the unexpected.

Get a shoe basket.

We have a basket by the front door for shoes. We don’t wear shoes in our house so when the kids come in they put their shoes in the basket, when we leave they get the shoes out of the basket. I am amazed at how this simple idea has saved us so much time getting out the door.

Keep your keys, purse and phone in a central location.

I have a table in my home with a small drawer that holds keys and sunglasses. My purse sits on top of the table. When it is time to leave I grab my purse, keys and glasses and we are out the door. Having a central location for all things travel related really speeds up the process and lessens the times we have lost the keys. You don’t have to spend a fortune on a table either. We got our table off Craig’s List for a few dollars.

Skip pajamas, let the kids sleep in their clothes.

I’ve been doing this for years, much to my mother-in-law’s horror. She has a thing for unwrinkled clothes, and I have a thing for being on time. :) You can’t agree on everything I guess. Whenever we need to be somewhere really early, my kids get dressed before bed. In the morning I wake them up and they get in the car with a drink and a bag of cereal. It really simplifies those mornings! And honestly, if my kids went to school, they would be doing this every day!

What about you? Are you usually on time, early or late?

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Midas Discount and Giveaway!

On the road in West Virginia

As you know this summer I literally traveled thousands of miles with my children on a road trip. I love taking my kids on road trips, but I have always been concerned about car safety before I leave home. I would never want to break down and be stuck on the side of the road with seven kids!

My husband always does a thorough check of the vehicle including oil change, brakes, and of course tires. Even though I know how to replace a tire I never want to!

If you have a holiday road trip planned this is a great time to replace those worn tires. Right now Midas has partnered with Bridgestone to offer customers $100 cash back on the purchase of four tires. This deal ends Saturday and you can visit the Midas website to find your nearest store and learn more about this special.

Midas is also partnering with The Happy Housewife to offer four readers a $50 Midas gift certificate as well as a tire inspection kit. In my opinion every car needs an inspection kit! This kit includes an air pressure gauge, chalk stick, tire tread depth gauge and screwdriver.

To enter this giveaway leave a comment sharing a road trip tip. For additional entries you can follow the Midas guy on Twitter or “like” the Midas fan page. Please leave an additional comment for each additional entry.

Giveaway ends October 1, 2010.

Safe travels!

Full Disclosure: I also received a Midas gift certificate and tire kit for participating in this campaign.

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DIY Hair Bow Storage for Little Girls

This is a cheap and cute way to store your little girl’s hair bows! When I saw it hanging in my niece’s room I knew I needed to share it with you all!


  • 1 Nail
  • 1 Pants/ Trouser Hanger
  • 2 Ribbons (equal length)

Take the hanger and hang it from a nail in the wall. Hang a ribbon from each clip.

Attach the hair bows to the ribbon.

This is so cute and can be hung in a bathroom, closet, or even in the bedroom as decoration!

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