Motivated Moms 2010 Planner

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I absolutely love the Motivated Moms 2010 Planner. For the past 16 years my family has struggled to stay on top of the chores. It seems like if we miss one weekly cleaning our house looks like this:

With nine people it doesn’t take much for the house to go from good to really, really bad.

Last year I found a solution to my cleaning dilemma. The Motivated Moms Planner. There are very few things that I think every homemaker (and working mom) must have, and this is one of them!

The Motivated Moms Planner is a year long planner that helps keep me organized and on top of daily activities. I use the Motivated Moms one week on each page planner. I print out each week and we all mark our names on the chores we are tackling each week. The chores are broken down into easy to accomplish tasks that take a short amount of time each day.
A example of a daily chores list from the planner:

  • Inventory refrigerator contents and plan meals around leftovers
  • Vacuum main/public rooms or 1st floor
  • De-clutter/organize desk
  • Dust office
  • Clean toilets
  • Replenish stock of toilet paper in bathrooms

My younger children are able to replace toilet paper, dust, and vacuum. My older kids can clean the toilets, which leaves me with inventory the fridge and de-clutter the desk. Our daily chores are finished in under 30 minutes.

If you diligently complete each day’s chores you end up with a super organized, clutter free, and clean home! I used this last year until I moved and I totally regret not starting back up in the new house. We spent most of our Saturdays plugging away at the cleaning… not fun!

The best part about this planner is that it is only eight dollars! I think that is a great deal for something that saves me hours each week and keeps my house organized!

If you want to see a sample page you can view it here. They have many different planner styles ranging from a page per day to a page per week. I like the page per week style, but every style is only eight dollars. You can visit their site to view all the different planner styles.

The folks at Motivated Moms have given me a coupon code to share with you. You can save $1 on your order by entering the code NEWYEAR. This code is good until January 14th 2010.

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2010 Blogging Goals

It never occurred to me when I started blogging to have goals. I started my blog as a way to share all the ideas, tips, and recipes I had learned over the years from friends and family to anyone who might possibly be interested. Two years later, I realize that I need to prioritize my blog, just like I prioritize my life. My computer time is limited and I need to focus on getting things done during this time. There are so many distractions that it is easy to get online and spend fifteen minutes accomplishing nothing! This year’s theme for my blogging: Finding a Balance.

  • Create a blogging schedule. As I mentioned above, blogging can take over your life, with Twitter, Facebook, Skype, email, gmail, and who knows what else, I need to set a computer schedule and stick to it!
  • Prioritize what I blog about. I am a bit surprised that after 2 years I haven’t run out of things to say. The problem lies in discerning what will serve you, my readers. I don’t want to post things that will not benefit you or at least make you laugh at me. Even if it means less posts, I prefer quality over quantity.
  • Take 24 hour computer breaks. Shut off the computer for a 24 hour period each week. Since I do everything on the computer, from banking to blogging, this will be hard. But I always feel better when I am able to unplug for  awhile.
  • No computer until school time is finished. I have a habit of checking my email during breakfast, or hopping on during lunch and inevitably there is a crisis, that must be solved right this minute! Or at least that is how it seems. I need to accept the fact that the world will not end if am not available to everyone in cyberspace 24 hours a day.
  • Improve interaction between myself and my readers. I installed this nifty little plug-in that allows people to respond to comments. It is a great way to encourage conversation between everyone, including me! In 2010, I want to do a better job of answering all those questions in the comment section.
  • Catch up on my email. I currently have 2717 unread messages in my inbox. :( If you have emailed me lately, I am sorry for not responding. I hope to clear out my inbox this month and do a better job of staying on top of things.
  • Organize my recipes. Do you know how many recipes I have on this site? Neither do I. Many of them are buried in posts about things that have nothing to do with food. My goal this year is to make my recipes easy to find.
  • Collaborate with other bloggers on projects. It has always been my belief that there is strength in numbers and working with other bloggers on different projects brings a fresh perspective and a variety of readers. I have a few projects up my sleeve already that I can’t wait to share with you.
  • Newsletter and Radio Show. I am super excited to have teamed up with two of my favorite bloggers, look for more information in a few weeks.
  • Grow my BlogFrog Community. I love my little community, it has been really fun over the past few months to interact more with readers. I hope this form of reader interaction continues to grow in 2010.
  • A Picture in Every Post: I love posts with pictures. This year I plan to have an image in every post.
  • More DIY posts: I love DIY projects and committing to blog about it might motivate me to get more of my half finished projects done around here.
  • More Video Tutorials: These seem to be very popular and even though I hate watching myself on video, many people (including me) learn by watching others.
  • More sewing/ craft tutorials: I am a crafter at heart, but got way off track this year with Cora. I like easy projects that even a person with little or no sewing experience can make and I hope to share those projects with you.

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2010 Goals Link-Up

It is time to share your 2010 Goals. I divided my goals into categories to help me prioritize better, but the important thing is that your plan works for YOU!

Link up with your 2010 Goals post and remember to link back to this site so others can participate. If you don’t have a blog, you can leave a few of your 2010 goals in the comment section.

Have a great New Year!

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2010 Goals

Resolutions are for the birds. I prefer goals. A goal gives you something to work towards, and something to check off when you achieve it. I prefer to set goals in each area of my life. For me, it makes them seem less daunting and more attainable. It also helps me to prioritize in my own life. Spiritual goals are a higher priority than personal goals, and homemaking goals are more important than blogging goals. By breaking my goals down into categories I focus on what is most important first and go from there.


  • Read through the Bible in 90 Days, starting January 1st.
  • Make a better effort to attend the Mom’s meetings at church.
  • After completing the Bible in 90 Days, read through one book a month. (Recommended by either my husband, pastor, care group leader, or friend)
  • Write in my Bible. This is huge deal for me, as I have had trouble marking in any book.


  • Read one fun book a month.
  • Wii Fit 4 times a week.
  • Remember to take my SuperMom vitamins. (Once again, something I can NEVER remember to do!)
  • Wake up before Cora.
  • Convince Cora to sleep in.
  • Plan our yearly trips in January and budget accordingly.
  • Sew one day a week.


  • Finish formal schooling by 2:30 pm each day.
  • Incorporate more hands on projects with the younger two kids.
  • Preschool with Trouble 3 times a week.
  • Find a better system for record keeping.
  • Attend Apologia Conference.
  • Attend HEAV Conference.


  • Deep clean and organize one room a month in my house.
  • Purchase and use the Motivated Moms’ Planner.
  • Create a home management binder.
  • Update phone contacts and address book and transfer information to the computer.
  • Find a different coupon organization system.
  • Begin a food storage program by stockpiling.



  • Coming Soon

Write your goals pencil, because it is okay and sometimes a good thing to modify and tweak your goals throughout the year. People change and circumstances change, be flexible!

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