DIY Table Makeover

A few years ago my husband bought a kitchen table off of Craig’s List. When he went to pick it up the guy was also selling several other furniture pieces. My husband worked a deal and brought home the kitchen table, plus two more small tables.

While I loved the functionality of this table, it is not my “style.” Not that I really have a style, but this table seemed more country to me and my house is a little more modern. For the past two years I’ve thought about painting this table, but with Cora around most painting projects are shelved until she goes to college.

After we painted our walls this table looked out of place. I considering painting it about  six different colors (black, white, red…) and then I went all wild and crazy and much to my teenagers’ horror decided to paint it bright blue.

I also removed the brass fixtures and changed out the knobs. I originally painted the knobs, but didn’t like them so I purchased new knobs at Target. (The new knobs are brushed nickel, even though they look brassy in the photo)

DIY Table Makeover

  • Remove drawers and cabinet doors.
  • Remove hardware from drawers/ doors.
  • Sand entire piece of furniture. I started with a medium grit sandpaper, then finished with a light grit. I also filled the holes from the hardware I was not putting back on the table.
  • I wiped the table to clean off all the dust from sanding.
  • I then painted the table. It took 4 coats! It probably would have taken less had I sanded better. But I was sanding outside and it was hot. I wanted to get inside and paint! (Reminder- next painting project to be completed during the winter.)
  • I wanted the hinges to match the table color, so I sprayed painted them with a primer, then painted them blue with a small paint brush.
  • Total time 3 hours.
  • Total cost $10 paint, $9 knobs, $3 primer.

I have half a can of paint remaining and enough primer to spray every knob in my house.

My older children cannot believe I painted this table blue. But every time I look at it I smile. It’s cheery and I love it!

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  1. What a lovely transformation! And the color looks perfect against the wall…it really pops and makes a statement. Love it!

  2. Amy @ Gabriels Good Tidings says:

    Looks awesome! I love painted furniture and always have someone who gasps that I painted over wood, but nonetheless, I love it! And yes, I agree that all outdoor projects are on hold until October. 🙂

  3. WoWzers! I love it!

  4. I’m liking the color! You did a good job!

  5. Love the colour. Love the transformation.

  6. that looks great. I love blue.

  7. I just came across this (looks great!) project & your other painting re-dos. I’ve done a couple small shelves & such over the years but nothi g too large. I have a dresser that needs redoing but I’m worried it’s going to take a long time. For now I’d like to replace the hardware but can’t find an exact match through any hardware restoration sites/catalogs. My next thought was to paint the hardware. Reading your post I’m guessing I can. Any tips? I’d planned to use primer first (they are very old & spotted, no rust, just tarnish). Can I use spray paint then? And if/when I do get the courage to paint the cabinet will a light sanding remove the shiny varnish on the top enough to paint over or will I need to use some sort of furniture restoration product? If it goes well I have several dresser type cabinets I’d love to do.
    Any help (from anyone!) is appreciated!

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