Weekly Budget Meetings: Organized in 365

Disorganized finances can be costly. Lost bills, forgotten payments, and late fees can wreck a budget! One way to keep on top of the finances is to have weekly budget meetings.


For years my husband and I had monthly budget meetings but I realized that monthly wasn’t often enough. If there were glaring problems with the budget, unexpected bills, or over spending it could take almost a month before it was resolved.

To keep your finances organized I recommend weekly budget meetings. They don’t have to be marathon meetings, simply 15 to 20 minutes once a week to make sure everything is on track financially.

Your finances will stay organized and you’ll probably save a little extra money too!

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  1. my hubby has started using Mint.com, it helps us see quickly where we have overspend. The only thing that is hard is it is done on a monthly and not weekly budget. But I think once we get use to that it will be much easier and it has caused us to talk several times a week about spending!!!! Looking for a perfect month in February, we shall see, lol!!!!

  2. I’m just about to show my husband all the expenses from LAST year and hopefully start on at least a monthly talk about finances. I usually handle everything but prefer that he’s “in the know” to keep on track. We just converted to cash only for anything that is not a “bill” and that has helped a LOT in keeping surplus spending under control.

  3. Budget meetings make all the difference for us!
    We did Dave Ramsey’s program several years ago, we stayed caught up with bank statements, and had our meeting every two weeks when dh was paid……..
    Fast forward a few years and we quit that habit, but have taken it back up. It’s awfully nice when dh suggests the budget date, believe me 🙂

  4. One of the best things we did, not only for our finances, but for our marriage was a budget meeting. We sit down twice monthly (pre-payday) and go over the budget BEFORE we spend any actual money. We have to communicate upcoming events, priorities, etc,… That constant interaction has made him feel more connected with home life and we’re both entirely responsible for what happens with our finances.
    We stress budget meetings to our pre-married and newly married couples as a key to more than just financial health! It’s all about the communication!

  5. This is something my family needs to work on. Are there good (inexpensive) programs out there than can help keep track of family finances. We looked at Mint a couple years ago, but my husband didn’t like how it was automatically linked to the internet and feared for our information’s security. I’d be interested to hear what others use to keep track of everything.

  6. In this house budget is a forbidden word. I have been trying for years to get my husband on one. Still praying for that. I highly recommend a book by Mary Hunt. The Financially Confident Woman. Great Book! She prefers the term spending plan instead of budget. It sounds less strict, the main reason many people won’t get on a budget. They see one as too strict. Dave Ramsey is another author I recommend. Good stuff he has.

  7. Our bank has a tool through our online banking website that is called finance works. The website is linked to our bank but is financeworks.intuit.com. It does say it’s powered by Quicken but maybe something that you could find………. We love it =)

  8. Yes, weekly budget meetings are a lifesaver! My husband and I have recently started using YNAB (You Need A Budget). It is wonderful! It costs $50 or $60, but you only pay that once and then you can use it for as long as you like. No yearly fee or anything like that. It is very user friendly (even for people like me who aren’t technically savvy), easy to make adjustments, and you can make it as complicated or as simple as you’d like. I LOVE it!

  9. After reading Dave Ramseys Total Money Makeover, we used the envelope system for about 12 months. Then we sold our home and were waiting on the new one to be completed and lived with my mom for a few months. I got completely off track and since moving into the new house, I have yet to find my rhythm again. I know I have overspent lately and I’m anxious to start using cash again. I know it will save me tons of money! That was the best way to make sure I stayed in budget, because when the $$$ runs out in the envelope then I know I cannot spend in that area anymore. Sometimes you can borrow from one envelope or another if you over or under fund some categories. But its even better if you can have rollover for the next month and use the extra $$ for something fun!!

  10. Tiffany B says:

    Up until this past month, I have been the one “taking care” of the finances. I don’t mind, but I did mind my husband getting sore about never having money. We started doing weekly meetings while supper was cooking. 15 minutes we ran down the bills for the week, paid them online, discussed what we need this week and anybills that are coming up, figure out if we need to work extra, and we are done. He realizes where the money is going and how much we need to get back on track. An extra step we have taken is also sitting down and having a weekly 15 min discussion about our meals for the week. First we see what we have and have to use up, then run through our flyers, make a list, and go shopping. It saves us a ton of money when we are shopping (sticking to our budget) and we rarely throw out food now. I have to say, I don’t think I have felt we did much together- in terms of household- and now I feel like it is something we look forward to doing together-for 30 min a week, we both get to sit, focus, and laugh. My marriage is better for it.

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