All You Magazine: Featuring The Happy Housewife!

All You magazine just got better…

…as they featured one of my grocery tips in their November 2012 issue with Money-Saving Tips from Our Favorite Bloggers.  Feel free to check it out on page 8 or online here.

If you were being interviewed, what would be your top grocery money-saving tip?  Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. I would say cook more from scratch! It’s saved us so much money and helped our health as well. Boxed mixes and pre-made meals are full of junk and can be expensive. It also cuts down on shopping time. By spending the most time in the baking aisle and in the perimeter of the store where the basics are (like dairy, meat and veggies) you can be in and out in no time!

  2. Way to go! How exciting. 🙂 Hope the move is going smoothly!

  3. I’ve got a whole bunch of grocery saving trips here!

  4. Oops! Sorry! I meant tips, not trips! I still had 9 of my 10 kids living at home when I wrote the article in 2008, so we go through a lot of groceries! I’ve never been big with coupons or gimmicks, just common sense ways to save.

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